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As a full-service digital agency, we offer a range of services which include strategy, user experience, visual design, iOS, Android and web development, quality assurance, all the way through to website and application deployment and launch.

Our process begins with an in-depth Research & Planning period, wherein we lay the foundation for each engagement. We start by asking questions to establish a baseline, both to align your team with ours, and to understand the problem or business goal. Then, we set the stage for creative solutions.

With industry experience and proven research methodologies, we provide our clients with the insights needed to develop a clear strategy for success.


Everyone’s priorities, resources, and timelines are different. That’s why we have a unique Discovery phase that allows us to remove risky assumptions from the process, and generate a plan to deliver on-time, and in-budget.

We are well versed in both Waterfall and Scrum methodologies to build out products with predefined feature sets.

For projects based on “outcome” rather than “output”, we use an Agile framework based on user and market testing to define the core functionality necessary for the desired outcome; we then build out the application, focusing on generating and implementing one set of core features at a time.


Once we finalize a strategy, we segment all information into high-level diagrams. Upon finalization and approval of diagrams, they become the basis for detailed wireframes for each view of your website or application, to be crafted.

Following wireframes, we work together to build experiential and visual designs based on detailed conversations with stakeholders, user research, influences from sites (or parts of sites) that you like, competitive analyses, along with User Experience needs and best practices. Our teams also present color palettes, image styles, and typefaces, all within your brand aesthetic/guidelines.


Finally, we develop and implement what will become your product. Our development philosophy is holistic, meaning we create solutions for any language, technical stack, and platform including web, mobile, wearables, and frankly, anything else with a screen. We architect solutions based on your individual needs, best interests, infrastructure, and business strategy, rather than allowing technical limitations to guide our implementation.

Our proven Quality Assurance process ensures that all elements are optimized and ready for launch prior to deployment, and after your team loves the final product, we work with you to deploy your application to Google Play and the iTunes App Store, and your website to staging and live servers.

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